Narraguagus Trail Riders

(ATV & Snowmobile)


2023-2024 Membership application     (July 1 to June 30)

_____ $35 - Primary membership (includes family & children under 18 living in same household)

______$20 - Associate Membership- Must have a Primary membership with another club that is a member of ATV Maine or Maine Snowmobile Association

    ______ $50 – Supporting Business Member (contact club for more info)

____NEW ______  RENEWAL

Please Print clearly

NAME: __________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS:  ______________________________________________________________________

TOWN_____________________________ STATE__________________  ZIP CODE ____________

PHONE ____________________________  EMAIL: _______________________________________

FAMILY MEMBERS_________________________________________________________________


Member of another ATV  or Snowmobile Club   ___NO   ___YES   

If yes are they a member of ATV Maine ___YES  ___N0 ---Maine Snowmobile Assoc:  ____YES  ____NO

NAME of CLUB: _____________________________________________________________________

Areas of Interest:  ______ Trail Work      Any Equipment _____NO  ____YES Type: _________________

                       ________Landowner Relations _____ Safety Training _____ Board/Committees

                       _____ Officers  _______ Fundraising _____Activities/Events  ___ Help where needed

I understand that by signing this form, my membership can be discontinued at any time the club or its officers  have reason to believe that I or a member of my family operates an ATV irresponsibly so that it endangers the landowner/club relationship or it is believed that the operator could cause harm to another individual. My membership is non-refundable and it is intended to hold the Narraguagus Trail Riders Club from all liabilities resulting from my involvement with the club.

SIGNATURE: _________________________________________________ DATE: _____ /_____/_____

Meetings:        First Monday of Month @ 7:00 PM at   Clubhouse 334 Ridge Rd.  Cherryfield

Please Join at our next meeting or mail this form to:     Narraguagus Trail Riders

                                                                                 PO Box 453

                                                                                 Cherryfield, ME 04622

Tread Lightly and Ride Safe On Public and Private Lands

Membership includes $3500 life and dismemberment insurance to all primary members and their immediate family including supporting business members